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2023 Make Math Moments Virtual Summit

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Expanding Access to Math Learning Success Through Music – Shaun Elder and Shelley MacDonald

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MathBeat is an innovative, free program that supports students in building conceptual understanding in proportional reasoning through the exploration of math-music connections. It offers a framework that is accessible and meaningful for all students, promoting equity and inclusion, and integrates math-friendly tools and representations for investigating and manipulating familiar musical patterns.

Building on a successful workshop at OAME 2023, teachers will explore a sample learning activity on rates in music, with a focus on tempo or the speed of music in beats per minute. The session can be offered live in a pre-recorded format or both. In the live session, teachers will have an opportunity to collaborate with peers in break-out groups that discuss the math content, and then brainstorm other connections inspired by this…

About Shaun Elder

Executive Director, Learning Through the Arts, The Royal Conservatory of Music

Shaun Elder is the co-creator of MathBeat. His workshops at OAME 2023 and four other recent conferences have given teachers the practical tools to expand access to math learning success.

About Shelley MacDonald

An Award-Winning Performing Artist, Filmmaker and Artist Educator, Learning Through the Arts

Shelley MacDonald is an award-winning performing artist, filmmaker, and artist educator. She has spent the last 25 years collaborating with different school districts, universities, artists, Indigenous Elders, television networks, theatre companies, film productions, and community organizations both in person and virtually. 

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  • Expanding Access to Math Learning Success Through Music – Discussion

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