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2023 Make Math Moments Virtual Summit

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Determining What Children Know: Dynamic versus Static Assessment – Ryan Dent and Catherine Fosnot

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This workshop will provide opportunities to examine how to assess in powerful ways in the moment during conferrals and when examining students’ work samples. Participants will also learn about our new formative assessments with teaching implications and our new progress monitoring tools. These new assessments (just released this summer) are crafted to pick up data that will genuinely inform teaching and all participants registered for this session will have free access to our assessment package and web-based assessment app for one month following the session.  

About Ryan Dent

Math Teacher Educator, New Perspectives On Learning

As the leader of Teacher Learning for New Perspectives Online, Ryan supports countless schools in transforming teaching and learning towards developing communities of young mathematicians at work. With decades of experience as a teacher, math coach, principal, district math leader and regional math specialist, Ryan leads dynamic professional learning experiences for teachers, coaches and school leaders to sharpen their beliefs about what it means to do mathematics, strengthen effective teaching practices and deepen their understanding of the big ideas, strategies and models that learners need to construct.

About Catherine Fosnot

New Perspectives On Learning

Researcher of 14 landscapes of learning for k-6 math and author of Determining What Children Know: Dynamic versus Static Assessment

Cathy Fosnot is an award-winning author and Professor Emerita of Childhood Education, CCNY/CUNY, where she was the founding director of Mathematics in the City. In 2008 she left the university to establish New Perspectives on Learning and publish with her team Contexts for Learning Mathematics (CFLM), now a full core inquiry-based, hybrid, k-5 program. The company is also focused on professional development and system-wide change, offering professional development workshops and on-site consulting with schools around the world and at the company’s two workshop centers in the U.S. (in New London, CT, and San Francisco, CA.) Over the last several years, the work has expanded with the establishment of two more companies New Perspectives Online for teacher learning and New Perspectives on Assessment, a web-based app for formative assessment with teaching implications, aligned with the CCSS.

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  • Determining What Children Know: Dynamic versus Static Assessment – Discussion

    Posted by Kyle Pearce on November 6, 2023 at 2:57 pm

    What was your big take away from this particular lesson?

    What is something you are still wondering?

    Share your thinking below.

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