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2023 Make Math Moments Virtual Summit

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Talking in math class sounds like a good idea, but is talking for the sake of talking a strong enough rationale? If math is a disconnected set of facts to memorize with rules to mimic, what is there to talk about? If, on the other hand, math is figure-out-able, then talking becomes a crucial part of the learning. And creating that discourse is not a trivial task. But we can do it! And it’s so worth it. Come learn why, when, and what to talk about.

About Pam Harris

K-12 Mathematics Teaching Specialist,

Pam Harris is changing the way we view and teach mathematics. She is a mom, a former high school math teacher, a university lecturer, an author, and a mathematics teachers educator. Real Math is thinking mathematically, not just mimicking what a teacher does. Pam helps leaders and teachers to make the shift that supports students to mathematize. Math is Figure-out-able!

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