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Make Math Moments From A Distance

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Sparking Curiosity From A Distance [Webinar Replay]

We couldn’t just sit idle while the Math Moment Maker Community was scrambling to figure out how to make meaningful math experiences from a distance during the COVID-19 emergency remote learning crisis.

Since so many of us are either already or heading towards leading lessons from a distance, we thought it made sense to help by providing a webinar that specifically focused on Sparking Curiosity From A Distance.

This module consists of 6 lessons from a live webinar originally recorded on Wednesday April 6th, 2020.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to deliver problem based lessons;
  • How to reach all students regardless of their mathematical readiness through the use of emerging mathematical strategies and models; and,
  • How to deliver engaging lessons over the internet using problem based lessons and Brainingcamp Virtual Manipulatives.

Grade Level Focus:

While the pedagogical approaches shared throughout the Make Math Moments Academy are useful for K-12, this specific module will benefit the following grade levels:

Pedagogical Approach: Grades K-12

Content Focus: Grades K-2

Participation Certificate:

If you participated in this webinar live, you can ACCESS YOUR CERTIFICATE HERE.

If you’re watching this module for the first time, you can grab a certificate at the end of this module (lesson 6).

Note: we will also have a separate participation certificate available for the entire course once it is fully built out.

Let’s dive in!

We'll be exploring Day 1 of the Gummy Worms Problem Based Unit.

Useful Resources We Explore:

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