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2022 Make Math Moments Summit

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Counting is More Than 1,2,3 – Dr. Nicki Newton

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Counting is more than 1,23 is an engaging, informative, resource-filled workshop on the counting learning trajectories! If you teach grades k-2 this is the place to be! Come and learn about interactive number lines, miscount puppets, visual hundred grids, and more!

About Dr. Nicki Newton

Newton Education Solutions

Dr. Nicki Newton is an education consultant who works with schools and districts around the country and Canada on k-8 math curriculum. She has taught elementary school, middle school, and graduate school. Dr Nicki has an Ed.M. and an Ed.D from Teachers, College Columbia University. She is greatly interested in teaching and learning practices around the world and has researched education in Denmark, Guatemala and India. She has written several books, including Guided Math, Math Workshop and Math Running Records. She is currently a part of the curriculum team for the new McGraw Hill Reveal Math series.  She enjoys visiting schools and working with adminstrators, teachers and students in their classrooms face-to-face and virtually.

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  • Counting is More Than 1,2,3 – Discussion

    Posted by Jon on November 11, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    What was your big take away from this particular lesson?

    What is something you are still wondering?

    Share your thinking below.

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