Getting Started

First things first… there are four ways for you to learn and make a huge difference in your math classroom. Our roadmap will give you a brief overview so you can maximize your learning and minimize time! Our first roadmap stage will help you get familiar with the community and forums. 

Join The Community

Let’s introduce you to the Making Math Moments Community and Forum. The forum is your home base to share your success, ask questions to us or fellow Math Moment Makers, and seek answers to common classroom issues.

Click through here to visit our Introduction Forum and,

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Where do you call home?
  • What grade levels do you you teach or what’s your role in education. 
  • What do you hope to achieve as a member of the academy? 

Click the Mark as Complete button when you’ve finished this step. 

Set a Goal

Everyone in the Academy is here because they have one or more goals relating to their math lessons – whether that’s to learn sound pedagogical teaching strategies or learning how to implement problem-based lessons or have step by step instructions on a number of classroom strategies or one of countless other things.

If I had to give our members just one bit of advice – it would be to start a progress log. Not next week. Now.

Accountability is key to reaching your goals, so I urge you – if you truly want to make changes in your classroom, now is the time to start your own progress log…

  • Set specific goals/targets. Ultimately you’re in charge of your progress. What do you want to achieve?
  • Create a new thread. This will be YOUR thread. Where other members come to check out what you’re working on, see updates about your progress and post feedback, encouragement and advice.
  • Put your goals list right at the top of your new thread so it’s easy for other members to follow along and help you keep on the right track..
  • Choose an update schedule and STICK TO IT. Remember, you’re in charge of your own progress. I recommend updating your practice log weekly.

People who keep progress logs will achieve improvement with their classroom goals compared to those who don’t keep a progress log. To that end, I invite every member to keep their own progress log, tracking goals, targets and accomplishments unique to them and their goals

The moral of the story is that you are capable of supercharging your progression.

Now, go HERE and start YOUR own thread – that thread will be your progress log.

Meet at the Water Cooler & Get Feedback

We know that your one of the main reasons you joined the Academy is to get tips, ideas, suggestions, and answers to your questions.

We are here every step of the way to provide you that guidance and next steps.

The next step in the first stage of the roadmap is to visit the Water Cooler & Feedback forum and ask that big question or big struggle that you currently have in your classroom.

Be sure to read the other big questions as you may even have a suggestion for that Math Moment Maker.

We’re building a community/family of dedicated educators like yourself who are committed to making math moments that matter for your students.

Update Your Profile Photo

Get to your profile page and change your profile image! 

No one wants to see that default blank head profile pic. 

You can access your profile from the top right of the navigation bar (or the left sidebar, if on a mobile device). 


Click the SELECT YOUR FILE button to pick a photo from your computer and click OPEN.


That’s it!

Look at that fancy photo! 

Go ahead and click that COMPLETE button below. You’re an ALL-STAR!