PD Pathway: Growing Your Math Moments Classroom


Experienced Pathway

Growing Your Math Moments Classroom

Make Math Moments PD Pathways optimize your time and resources so you can spend time where it matters — with your students. 

We’ve mapped out a customized pathway that will streamline your learning and give you practice lessons to use with your students. 

This pathway help you to put the bigger pieces of creating a Math Moments classroom together including course structure, assessment techniques, content knowledge, and pedagogy. 


What You'll Learn:

  • What we need to cultivate SLOW & FAST thinkers in math class and how to do it; 
  • Why math class rewards extroverts and how to structure our math class to engage ALL students on an introvert / extrovert spectrum; 
  • Why your assessment practices need to change and how to make that change;
  • How you can create a psychologically safe learning environment so assessment can promote growth;
  • Two assessment practices you need to stop using and what you can do instead; and,
  • Five formative assessment strategies that drive learning forward.

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