PD Pathway: Traditional To Math Moment Maker in 60 Days


Beginner Pathway

Traditional to Math Moment Maker in 60 Days

Make Math Moments PD Pathways optimize your time and resources so you can spend time where it matters — with your students. 

We’ve mapped out a customized pathway that will streamline your learning and give you practice lessons to use with your students. 

This pathway will give you everything you need to get started teaching with problem based lessons in your classroom. 


What You'll Learn:

  • How to structure your lessons so that students will dive right into the problem solving process without relying on you every step of the way;
  • How to help your students build confidence and resilience so they develop a productive disposition towards mathematics;
  • How to engage your students using resources you already have;
  • How to modify textbook problems and exercises so that they spark curiosity in your students; and,
  • How to engage students when teaching abstract concepts.

Who can access this PD Pathway?

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Month One

1. Build Thinkers! [Course]
2. Learn The Framework [e-Book]
3. Lesson/Task Walkthrough
4. How to Engage Abstract Concepts
5. Pebbles In Your Shoe

Use a Ready-Made Lesson

Let’s have a look at how the 3-part framework can be represented in a problem-based lesson. 

In this step of your journey we’ll take a tour of the tasks on the Make Math Moments website. 

Month Two

6. Building Culture
7. Maximize Your Resources
8. Who Is Doing The Thinking?
9. Pebbles In Your Shoe

Transform Your Textbook Into A Curiosity Machine [Course]

Why spend hours of your limited planning time searching the internet for better resources when those you already have are just waiting for you to transform them into lessons that will Make Math Moments That Matter? This course consists of a recorded live webinar replay that was recorded and is ready to help you Transform Your Textbook Into A Curiosity Machine!

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Get Answers To Common Questions

Watch discussions on these common questions so you’ll be prepared to deliver engaging, sense-making lessons in the classroom. 

How to plan our lessons so we’re flexible?

When Does Homework Fit in?

How do I consolidate the end of the lesson better?