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    Posted by Kim Goodey on April 15, 2020 at 2:55 pm


    I feel like I have hit a flat moment in Maths and with the whole ‘Lockdown’ situation it has given me time to think and reflect.

    1. Are my classes truly igniting learning?

    I would not agree with this at the moment. So, my first goal is to reflect and look at my tasks that the students already do and are these really igniting mathematical curiosity.

    2. Start a topic with a problem and work backwards. Some of my best lessons have been by walking into the class and asking a question and then walking out and pretending I had to get something from the office. But then added pressure of external achievement standards made me worry what the students actually know. So, my goal is to try and keep faith in that this does work.

    3. Rearrange my classroom to help the messy play. I really encourage my students to have books that look like thinking is happening, I tell them that it is messy play. Up until High School (13 years old) they have been told to rule up there books they are only allowed to use blue pen for working and red pen for marking. I am really surprised how long it takes them to break this habit and stop asking ‘what pen do I use?’. BUT, the classroom does reflect what I am asking. There is not space for them to go and work in groups, there is no white board ‘water cooler’ that they can go around and discuss problems.

    I have my why I need to change, my overarching goals are trying to figure out how and what it is going to look like.

    My first steps are:

    1. Units (for Lockdown):

    Start with I notice, I wonder. Use there answers to form the next lesson.

    2. Environment.

    Create ‘water cooler stations in the classroom’

    See where we are in 10 days.

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