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    Posted by Mary Manske on June 1, 2020 at 10:34 am

    I am helping to plan a 4 week intensive to help students advance in Algebra (this is not remedial). We have been doing this for several years but obviously our awesome in person program is not going to scale that well to fully online. We’ve determined we need most of our resources to center around one program for clarity for both the students at home and the 60+ teachers we need to train.

    Right now, we are looking at CPM, Illustrative Mathematics, Mathematics Vision Project. Supplementing with Desmos will also happen but we are concerned with coherency and ease of use. I am equally unfamiliar with each and would really love outside perspectives.

    In person our program is heavily you cubed, discussion based, exploratory. Online our program is…not going to be able to be some of those things, and the online only training of the majority of the teachers will make it even tougher. Pros and cons for any of the above? We do a lot of project type stuff for at home work so not too concerned about practice problems but we do want them to have some practice and a resource since the teacher is less available remotely. Not interested in additional supplementals at this time–we need the skeleton first.

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