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  • New member – Lisa from Maryland

    Posted by Lisa Aldous on December 4, 2022 at 8:07 pm

    Hello everyone! I’ve been teaching for 8 years and am currently teaching 7th grade, but have bounced around upper elementary and middle school. I am a career changer who spent 10 years in the Navy before becoming a teacher. I became a math teacher kind of by accident, I went through a residency program for elementary education, fully intending on teaching all subjects, but my first principal hired me for a 4th grade math-only position because he saw I had been a chief engineer in the Navy. I’ve been teaching math ever since then!

    I was fortunate to find the Making Math Moments podcast early in my career. I’ve successfully implemented a lot of what I have learned and the results were awesome. But this year I’ve fallen into a rut. I teach co-taught classes, so half of my students have IEPs. Due to the teacher shortage, I do not have a Special Education co-teacher. Handling all the accommodations, differentiating for so many different levels, tracking all the data, and doing all that by myself has worn me down and I’ve started reverting back to, shall I say, more “traditional” ways of teaching using lessons straight from our curriculum. I’m doing more lecturing, walking students through everything, all the stuff I’ve tried to get away from. Then the annual summit comes along and BAM! I win the Academy enrollment. It’s exactly what I need right now to re-energize my instruction, get me back on track, and keep me moving forward in my career. I’m looking to be a department chair next year, so I am also looking at everything through a leadership/mentoring lens.

    Can’t wait to get started!

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