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  • New Member: Jessie, 5th grade math teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Posted by Jessie Fries-Kraemer on March 17, 2020 at 5:20 am

    Grateful to have this opportunity to work on my own math education. In a time of a lot of changes in the way we deliver instruction, it feels important to keep up best practices and not default to what might be easiest. My school is currently closed through the beginning of April but I imagine that things may not continue to be normal for some time. I am hoping to develop a daily routine of my own that includes furthering myself as an educator while working hard to support students/families as they try the same.

    I teach 5th grade math and writing at a small independent school. I have approximately 75 students and work with an amazing group of educators. I am the only math teacher at my level but have ample opportunity to meaningful collaborate with teachers from other grade levels PreK-4 in my community. My school is in the process of adopting a new math curriculum for next year. We are probably 3/4 of the way through the curriculum review process.

    One of my goals in this time is to think about how to best support other teachers remotely if we do commit to a new program. Originally I was thinking about developing summer PD opportunities but now I am thinking it could be more timely in this time that is so differently structured. As with so much, I know there is not a single answer but this may present an opportunity for some.

    I need to remember that people are at very different places in their readiness to be math learners again. I believe that meaningful learning happens when there is a willingness to reflect and experience some level of discomfort. Not sure everyone is in the right state of mind to be whole heartedly engaged in that at the moment but hey, let’s see what happens when I reach out. This opportunity to join the Making Math Moments that Matter Academy is a great starting place for me and sometimes I just need a little momentum. Thank you Jon and Kyle for opening up this opportunity for so many. It is a generous and hopeful act.

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