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  • Hello from California!

    Posted by Dawn Petty on March 17, 2020 at 10:49 am

      Hi! My name is Dawn Petty. I teach in Morgan Hill, CA and live in Hollister, CA. I teach a group of 4th and 5th-Grade students in a reading intervention program first thing in the morning. The rest of my day I spend working with teachers K-5 in their math classrooms. I also provide PD on topics like doing number talks and implementing low-floor, high-ceiling tasks in the math classroom. I have a book club going on the 5 Practices… book. I also have a monthly math enthusiasts meeting that discusses a variety of topics. I am very passionate about making the shifts to a less teacher-directed more student-centered maths classroom. I have been to Stanford to see Jo Boaler, I have read her book, Mathematical Mindset. I have done extensive reading on the shifts the Common Core requires.

      I am paid by a grant to support teachers in my district. The people from the grant hired a film crew and reporter to film a lesson. My 4th graders and I started with a number talk…subtraction I think. Many strategies emerged including a compensation strategy. The students explained their thinking very clearly. I had been doing number talks with them all year. Then, the students and I worked on Jo Boaler’s lesson on estimation. The grant people saw day 2. The students continued with their work from the day before. I chose day 2 instead of day 1 because of the debrief. To me, this is always an amazing part of a lesson. The students’ engagement and aha’s were great for our visitors to see. After the kids left back to their home teacher (I taught math to half of a combo class) the report and film crew were so amazed by the students! I was incredibly proud of the students. They couldn’t believe the level of reasoning and discussion that had gone on during the lesson. It was really strange to see myself on video for the first time.

      I have been a fan of the podcast for a while. I have listened to many of the back episodes and have been curious about this part of your work. So now being at home and you offering a free trial, I decided to give it a try.

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