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  • Hello from Calgary AB

    Posted by Julie Naugler on February 9, 2021 at 9:35 am

    Hi there,

    My name is Julie Naugler, and although I have been a member for a while and attended the last two virtual summits, I am finally getting around to introducing myself.

    I currently teach grades 8-9 Math at Rundle College, an independent K-12, University Prep school in Calgary. Most of my teaching career (+20 years) I have taught jr high science, and then last year I took a big leap and was a grade 4 public school elementary generalist. That was my first intro to teaching Math, and were I was introduced to the Make Math Moments Team and Virtual Summit. Since I was returning to teaching after raising my family, I was floating around needing a job, and that’s when Rundle posted a jr high math position. Rundle is where I first cut my teeth teaching science, so I knew it was a great school, and with a new opening I felt it was my opportunity to jump back in to jr high (I thank you elementary school teachers who managed for more than one year!! You are truly amazing and I appreciate your patience and ingenuity!!)

    I knew that I wanted a good Math resource in my back pocket, so I joined the community. Being new to teaching Math I felt I could start in with all of these new and innovative ideas I had heard on the podcast, only to find Covid getting in my way of hands on and group work. I am excited to continue Math chats, learn from others pivoting in this new time of teaching (which can sometimes look a lot like the old times of teaching, with covid guidelines leading to students in rows, not sharing resources, and less in person collaboration.) In Alberta we did almost 2 months online but the rest was in person. I am actually starting to prefer online, as thanks to breakout rooms, I could still do the small group discussions and explorations that I found I wasn’t allowed to do in the physical classroom this year.

    I am always keen for inspiration and ideas to keep students excited about Math. I’m also grateful for any “real world examples” of why you need to show your work. I’m finding these jr high boys are really starting to get on my nerves! They are so brilliant, and have awesome ways of thinking about Math, but don’t want to take the time to “show me” how they got x=15. It’s hard for me to help them and talk through their strategies with them, when they can’t explain how they know that. If anyone has any great ideas on how to motivate them to share their thinking I’m all ears. Today I’m going to try flipgrid – so they can share their thoughts verbally instead of writing them out.

    Happy to be here!


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