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  • Gavin Torem’s Weekly Progress Log

    Posted by Gavin Torem on April 7, 2022 at 9:10 am

    My first entry in my progress log will establish some long term goals and one short term goal for this week. I will from Friday onwards update this log at the end of each school week.

    My short term goal for this week is to take time each day to think about more long term goals I can set.

    My long term goal is the following:

    1. Create a plan for the first day of school next year. This will include a pre school survey, a lesson plan, a syllabus, the classroom arrangement and decor, how I will greet students, and everything else that I can think of to make that day perfect. I can measure this goal by creating a checklist of tasks to accomplish and monitoring their completion. This goal feels achievable because I have a whole summer before my first day of school, and I have been trained to do all of this in prior college classes and assignments. I also now have all the Making Math Moments Resources and Community to help! This goal is relevant because it is directly applicable to my teaching practice and will come up guaranteed at least once a year for the rest of my career. The due date for this goal is August 1st.

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