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  • Cat's Goals and Progress 2019-20

    Posted by Catrin Pitt on May 20, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Goal – to develop a spiral SOW for Yr 8 and Yr 7 and implement 2019-20

    Why Yr 7? – current yr 7’s have been more open to the MMM concepts, in particular, Notice and Wonder. I figure next years yr 7’s will be the same and I can start at the beginning of the school year instead of in the third term.

    Why Yr 8’s – these are my current yr 7’s, who have started down the path of MMM, thus I need to continue their progress.

    Step 1 – look at the sub-topics and LO’s within Numeracy, Algebra, Geometry, and Data for Yr 7 and Yr 8

    Step 2 – List all sub-topics and LO’s that mix together. Eg. Pythagoras¬† – multiplication, square and square root, estimating roots, rounding to decimal places,¬† significant figures, changing the subject, solving equations, triangles, STEM and problem solving, use of a calculator.

    Note: the list for a subtopic is a list of prior knowledge.

    Step 3 – Order main sub-topics (and prior knowledge) in rough school required schedule.

    Timing – one or two a week to finish by end of school year.

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