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  • Brigitta's Summer goals and progress

    Posted by Brigitta Southorn on July 4, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Goal #1

    I plan to read some highly recommended math teaching books to help re-inspire me for another year – “Math Recess”, “Mathematician’s Lament”, and “How to be the math teacher you wish you’d had” are currently on order and I look forward to their arrival next week.

    Goal #2

    I need to sort through the amazing resources that I received from my colleagues at my new school and make a plan for September.  Once again, I am going to be adjusting to a new school and trying to figure out how to go forward with my new courses.  I want to stay close to what they have been doing in order to maintain consistency within the department, while still adding in my own resources.  I am currently feeling overwhelmed by this task, but I know it will all come together in the end.  

    Goal #3 

    I want to figure out how to incorporate many of the amazing ideas I just explored on Sara VanderWef’s blog 


    <br>She has posted some amazing ideas for building classroom climate and getting to know your students better.  I hope to be able to use a lot of her great ideas.  I think I may also have to buy a laminator.  🙂

    Goal #4 

    Rest, relax, have fun with my kids, spend time at the beach.


    I think that’s enough for now.  🙂




    Brigitta Southorn replied 3 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • Brigitta Southorn

    July 27, 2019 at 8:41 pm

    Goal #1 – I have finished reading “Mathematician’s Lament” and I’m half-way through the other two books and I highly recommend reading them all.  They are good summer PD reading because you are thinking about what you want your classroom to look like, sound like and feel like.  So, although I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my reading time, it’s giving me food for thought as I build that picture in my mind of what my classroom will be like.  

    Goal #2 – I haven’t made too much progress on this front just yet.  I’ve re-organized my hard drive on my computer and started to look at what my new department head has given me.  I’ve made a list of all the things I want to print out to have up in my room to help build my classroom community.  I know that once August hits the calendar the impetus to actually start doing some planning and figure out what the first few days will look like will get me moving in that direction.

    Goal #3 – This one ties in with Goal #1 and #2, I have a list of ideas from Sara’s post that I want to implement and put up in my room.  I am still working on figuring out how to make it all happen without overwhelming myself and not doing it well.  I think I will focus on taking a few of my favourite ideas in order to make sure I include them effectively.

    Goal #4 – doing okay on this one.  I still need more time at the pool/beach though.  🙂