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  • Rebecca Gedney

    January 1, 2021 at 10:47 am

    One way that I found Gimkit effective is that if you have Peardeck, then the students can make the flashcards. In Peardeck, the students work in pairs to either describe the term in words or draw the concept. So when they play the Gimkit game, it is just a review of their own material, or their classmates’. You edit the flashcards before publishing them, so you can eliminate confusion. I had situations where not enough quality flashcards were made. However, it’s a good way to reward those who have gotten a good grasp and took time to create a good flashcard.

    I was disappointed when my free trial ran out. I haven’t decided to pay for it from my own funds, but I might ask my principal. It’s a nice review. I think that kids do pay more attention to the money strategies and power-ups. But every once in a while, that reasoning also has its place.