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  • Aaron Davis

    December 29, 2020 at 10:51 am

    I have had many takeaways from this course. Being intentional with the language I use with my students and the language I want them to use when given specific tasks is one big takeaway. Also, and this was a reaffirmation of a big idea I took away from a Robert Kaplinsky course I took a few years ago, problem solving, low floor high ceiling tasks, needs to be a major focus in my mathematics classrooms. The discussions and ideas that evolve from these experiences are so rich and they just foster the development of number sense. Christina Tondevold says that number sense is CAUGHT, not Taught (or something like that) so the more rich experiences students have with various math tasks, the better chance they will have in catching the big concepts and ideas we want them to learn.

    Finally, and this was also a big takeaway I learned from Graham Fletcher, but the more we as educators can learn the better we can teach. Learning the progressions of proportional reasoning, counting, fractions, etc, will just help us be more effective teachers. Our learning should NEVER stop after we earn our teaching certification or masters degrees or whatever.