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  • Christina Michaels

    December 11, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    What resonated with me is the idea of really guiding students to explain their thinking. I am in the process of shifting from telling students they got the right answer to asking them to prove their answer.

    I used this lesson with my students to introduce the multiple representations for ratio reasoning, but also to very explicitly point out the multiplicative thinking they were using and the idea of this ratio being a composed unit– the number of glasses is linked together with the number of scoops, so what’s happening to the number of scoops when the number of glasses is increasing or decreasing (and vice versa)?

    One thing I am still in the process of adjusting in my teaching is the idea that my students need to hear this and see this and build this and draw this over and over and over again. One or two exposures to these ideas is not enough– a trap I often fall into, especially when the the problem is a relatively simple one.