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  • Aaron Davis

    December 7, 2020 at 9:39 am

    I would say slowly. There are some teachers more than others who are more inclined to nurture their student’s curiosity and or are familiar with an inquiry approach but Covid and teaching via distance learning has really thrown a wrench into our progress.

    To help ignite the culture shift, I just began a school wide weekly enrichment task, using Padlet as the platform. I use the enrich website to get many of the problems/tasks. I push it out on each teacher’s Daily Learning Plan which are on Google Slides and they get pushed out to either Google Classroom or Seesaw. I offer a weekly zoom luncheon with me so students can share their thinking in a collaborative setting. I extended our first task for another week and made instructional videos on how to navigate and familiarize themselves with Padlet but I am currently preparing next weeks conundrum, which will drop on Sunday (our school week is Sunday-Thursday here in Amman).

    I would love any feedback on this. Here is the Padlet. The password is acsmath.