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  • Krista-Lynne Edwards

    December 7, 2020 at 12:24 am

    Here are some of my biggest takeaway:

    1. Students need more modules to help them build their understanding from concrete to visual to the abstract. Too often our courses and the content we use jumps to the abstract and we lose too many students.

    2. Proportional reasoning is more than a chapter in the grade 8 math textbook. More teachers (including myself) need to take the initiative to show others how it relates to so many more concepts and is built upon fundamental knowledge.

    3. Using the appropriate language at the right time, will help students learn and understand the concepts. I was brought up with a “plug and play” system (my version of here is the formula and get the answer) which does not lead to conceptual understanding or the ability to deviate from the standard problem. If my teachers used the appropriate language, I don’t think I would’ve struggled as much as I did when I got to university. I’m already seeing results in my classroom but emphasizing language.

    Thank you for developing this course.