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  • Krista-Lynne Edwards

    December 6, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    I really enjoyed the fact that many of these lessons have the ability to incorporate many of the competencies we are trying to meet. I also feel that are curriculum is designed to jump to the abstract when students really need the concrete and visual first. Students need more time to be exposed to manipulatives and how they can be used to help communicate learning. I feel after early elementary, manipulatives seem to be placed to the side to collect dust and are hardly brought into the classroom. I see students question me all the time when I bring in algebra tiles to use with linear equations and polynomials.

    I wonder why so many teachers shy away from using concrete materials or visuals (drawings/sketches) to support student learning?

    I also wonder if students need more explicit instruction and time to learn about fractions. Fractions always seem to be rushed and often not taught adequately.