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  • Christine McLaughlin

    December 5, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    This was a great lesson. I completely agree that lessons should be approached this way. Allowing students to use methods they are comfortable with is important. Allowing discourse to occur in a classroom teaches students so much!

    Question… you said that some students will say that multiplication was the operation used for the problem modeled. When this happens, do you try to lead students to realize that division was used? I can imagine in my own class that I would acknowledge that multiplication was used, but then ask them to discuss the method and see if anything else was used. I would hope (eventually) that students would realize that the efficient method uses division (although I would never tell them).

    Another question…any idea where you found the magnets you used? They were different colored circles that were used as a manipulative. I can see those being used in so many ways!

    I’ve heard double number lines mentioned before but had not really seen them. This video showed a great example and now I can see how they could be used. Every time I learn something new about how to teach math effectively I want to back in time and teach my teachers…maybe I would have enjoyed math!