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  • John Sasko

    December 1, 2020 at 10:44 am

    I’ve got 4 red jelly beans (which I enjoy) and 6 green jelly beans (which I don’t eat).

    Unfortunately, I have 2 more of the green jelly beans than the red ones. I have 2 less red ones than green ones.

    I have one and a half as many green jelly beans as red jelly beans.

    My group of red jelly beans is two-thirds the amount of green jelly beans.

    This is excellent practice – and I think I will keep going and thinking about area and length model contexts as well as the set model context I started with!

    Thinking: HOW MANY? or HOW MANY more/less” are each a cue to count. That is additive thinking.

    How many times more? or How much more? are cues to think of the relationship and to think of groups. That is multiplicative thinking. (Too bad we can’t call it “groupthink”! That would be more inclusive of the division concepts that are just as important as the multiplication concepts within.)