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  • Krista-Lynne Edwards

    November 13, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    Multiplicative Comparison:

    $2 compared to $8

    $8 is 4 times greater than $2. $2 is 1/4 times as large as $8

    This is from my grade 8 textbook. Many of the questions where looking just for the ratio to be written in ratio form or as a fraction. No emphasis on looking at the multiplicative thinking.

    Composed Unit:

    A black bear eats 22 kg of berries in 2 weeks. How many berries would the bear eat in 3 weeks? in 7 days?

    I’ve never thought of ratios in this manner before. I find that multiplicative comparison for ratios is what I would generally use for ratios. With composed units, I naturally progress towards unit rates as soon as I see it. I think I can make more of the connection to ratios for composed units when I build a table with the information.