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  • Brent Sturtevant

    November 8, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    In thinking about how I could relate this to my 8th graders, I would create a story about two kids collecting candy during a night of trick or treating. The first kid got 5 pieces to start from their parents, then another 4 pieces at the next house and 4 at the next and 4 at the one after that one. The second kid got 3 pieces from his parents but got 6 pieces from the next 3 houses he visited. Demonstrate with visuals who has the most.

    This can be done in so many ways visually to demonstrate the counting which could lead to discussion of patterns and how determine who has the most. Counting would be used and comparison. After going through this part, we could have a discussion about the relationships and how it could lead to future predictions which is 8th grade focus.