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  • Aaron Davis

    November 6, 2020 at 8:21 am

    When I see students rush to the algorithm it really pains me. It shows they may have been rushed towards learning the “tricks” which often times are so inefficient. I find when students are taught to verbalize their thinking, they end up finding a more efficient way to solve a problem. I like modeling their thinking with Empty Number Lines because it provides them the linear view they rarely get which is why students will immediately stack 1001 and 999.

    BTW, I was super relieved just now. My 7 year old just came in while I was completing this lesson and I asked her how many more dollars Samir had. She said 2 right away and when I asked her why she said that 1000 is one more than 999 and then 1001 is just one more than that. Phew! I will have to tell her her G2 teacher this (my colleague) but I do know they have been providing the kids with a lot of linear models in grades 1 and 2.