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  • Aaron Davis

    November 6, 2020 at 7:38 am

    In my interventions I have been working a lot with dot cards with my students to build up their mental bank of numbers. I would flash a card like the one attached: They would say the total and then 2 and 7 make 9. An additional prompt sometimes would be, “How many more to make 10?”

    Other times I would show them some dot pattern cards and ask, “How are they alike? How are they different?” or “Which one Doesn’t Belong?”

    Students may say A does not belong because it does not have a group of 5. If they are having trouble seeing that A and B have the same quantity, nudging the kids to make an a measured comparison, by lining them up with counters, may help them. Then I can ask them, how many less does A and B have than C. With these images, they tend to not need to line them up though, especially when comparing B and C because they are “measuring” using the dot shapes.

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