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  • Erin Wahler-Cleveland

    October 27, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    This one really blew my mind – the example of how much more 1,001 is than 999 really drives home how fluency with algorithms should not be the end-all goal of elementary and early middle school math, and how flexibly thinking with numbers wins every time.

    Kyle, I hear you say often “don’t rush to ____” when talking about the progression of models and concreteness fading. As a former teacher of Grade 9, can you share any thoughts on how to “not rush” to the models suggested/demanded by the grade level curriculum or standards for students who clearly have gaps? I currently teach Grade 6, and can see the benefit of struggling students working their way up some of these continuums but feel at a loss for how to allow them a gradual progression while working on grade level material.

    A big question but any wisdom or resources you can share are always appreciated!