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  • Krista-Lynne Edwards

    October 26, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    I think this will help my grade 8s with many of their units, especially in surface area. I always feel that I should be able to get to the formulas because of prior knowledge but I always find so many students are unable to manipulate the forms to unfold them to figure out where the measurements go.I think this year I will slow it down and go back a little bit so we can build that understanding.

    direct comparison-comparing two rectangular prisms and deciding which one might have the largest surface based on a visual inspection

    indirect comparison-use square tiles to cover the different face to determine the areas

    direct measure-unfold the prism to be a 2-D net and use tiles to measure every face of the net and build a connection to measuring with a ruler

    indirect measure-using the formula to determine surface area

    We will be able to repeat this process with triangular prisms and cylinder. As we move into volume a similar process can be used.