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  • Chris Laurie

    October 24, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    I liked the sequencing graphic at the end.

    (Sorry, as a Grade 5 teacher, I did fast forward much of your discussion)

    But I am planning on asking students, “How many square centimetres is their desk?”

    A) Direct Comparison: – provide a single cubed cm square for them.

    B) Indirect Comparison: – provide each student one (4cm x 5cm) Postit note.

    – provide each student with 4 more postits.

    C) Direct Measure: – as a class cover one desktop

    – assess how they deal with new information

    D) Indirect Measure: – *since desks are not the same, use their rulers to calculate square centimetres.

    I love listening for leading questions to draw from students their thinking.