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  • Chris Laurie

    October 20, 2020 at 9:48 am

    Wow, I read the teachers ideas.

    However, many saw a need to go many steps beyond the rectangle indirectly measured with squares. Triangles? comparing two rhombus?? Wow that is rocket science! Then liquid measures. How abstract?? As teachers, I think we needlessly complicate instruction. We need to show more empathy (get into the sneakers of our less developed students).

    The most important idea I heard was: TRUST.

    Students need time and experience to develop TRUST. Educators are in such a hurry to ‘cover concepts’ and get to the next topic. These lessons have impressed upon me the need to build foundational skills through play (is only). Civil engineers advocate for a sound foundation before proceeding with any construction.

    Educators need to chill. My greatest thrill is watching student light bulbs lite as they grasp new concepts or express themselves in new ways.

    “Be Calm and PLAY On.”