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  • Jeanette Cox

    October 19, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    I’m connecting my newest research challenge to your amazing math task such as the Green Screen task which engages students in two of the six strategies for effective learning–concrete strategy–in which you link an example to the idea you are studying; and interleaving–which links more than one cognitive challenge together as in converting cm to meters and calculating area. A task for using the different stages of the continuum of measurement involves younger students and determining which weighs more or less an apple or a pear.

    Direct comparison: Use a bucket balance and place apple on one side pear on the other.

    Indirect comparison: Place apple on one side of bucket balance and place cubes in other bucket until they balance and count the cubes. Then do the same with the pear.

    Direct measurement: Use sticks of butter that weigh 4 oz. to measure each.

    Indirect measure: Use a customary hexagonal mass measuring set .