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  • Jeanette Cox

    October 13, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    The visual illustrations of both partitive and quotitive (measurement) division were very helpful. As a former curriculum coordinator one of the highlights of my experiences was working with parents who were often skeptical about the “new” ways math was being taught. To make a point for conceptual understanding vs. rote memorization of an algorithm, I would ask them if they recalled how to divide fractions. Often they would come up with “invert and multiply and don’t explain why.” Then we would have some fun with pattern blocks to demystify the why. Using a red trapezoid and comparing it to the yellow hexagon, they would identify it as a half of the yellow. Then we identified the blue rhombus as thirds. Now, let’s see how that algorithm works by taking the blue rhombii to determine how many can fit in the red trapezoid. Here it is demonstrated on BrainingCamp To illustrate a measurement division problem we would ask how many green triangles does it take to make one-half using pattern blocks?

    In researching technology as a tool to teach division of fractions Conceptua Math is awesome. Click on link and you can see a demo using the line model