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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections The Concept Holding Your Students Back Lesson 1 – What Is Proportional Reasoning And Why Is It Important? – Discussion Reply To: Lesson 1 – What Is Proportional Reasoning And Why Is It Important? – Discussion

  • Susan Ethridge

    October 5, 2020 at 1:16 am

    I teach 6th grade math, but I have taught math as either a classroom teacher or interventionist in every grade kinder – 8th. Proportional reasoning is the ability to see multiplicative relationships in the world around us. It is important because it can be found everywhere so not understanding it makes a person miss out on understanding so very much of that world. When I was a junior high interventionist, I spent a great deal of time working with students on proportions because it is so highly tested. I had a percent wheel poster and each day for 100 days, students would take turns coloring in a slice of the percent wheel and our warm-up was all about the percent of the day…kind of like a number talk. It was an 8th grade class and one of my favorite moments as as teacher was when a student came back from Spring Break all excited to tell me she knew what the sale prices would be on the percent off sale racks when she and her mom went shopping. We spent every day for 100 days on the topic they were taught in 6th and 7th grade and still that’s what it took for the conceptual understanding to come to some of them. Another thing I will mention is that when I am a classroom teacher, as I am this year, I have to be careful not to fall to the pressure of test preparation and make sure I spend enough time on conceptual understanding.