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  • Lauren Teather

    September 29, 2020 at 7:43 am

    Spatial reasoning is arguably more important now than ever, as we are asked to keep 1 or 2 meters distance between ourselves and others! Some people struggle to visualize that distance!

    I am working on a project with my students where they are designing a conservation area/park for endangered species. As they were sketching out their designs, we asked each group to include at least one toilet facility (for humans) – I teach 6th grade and they all felt toilets were a very important feature for visitors 😂.

    The smallest toilet facility they designed was 40 meters by 20 meters (because most of them had not paid attention to the scale of the map) so we went out to the field with measuring tapes and measured that distance out. Some students knew (right away) it was way to big and some were very surprised. It helped everyone to see how big the area was in real life. Spatial reasoning is important!