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  • Chris Laurie

    September 24, 2020 at 10:32 am
    1. The object you will be measuring: What if I gave students pattern blocks?
      a) ten green triangles, b) ten yellow hexigon, c) ten red trapiods, d) a mixture of ten different block.

    1. The specific attribute you plan to measure:

      -Ask students to list what their collection have in common.

    2. The unit you will use to measure that attribute:
      -Ask class whose are larger, smaller, ask students for attributes to compare, (harder to find in a dark room, pointer edges, sharper edges, easier to package in a group….)

    3. Describe how you will use the unit to compare with the quantity to measure.
      – ask class to brainstorm what rules of measure (types of measure) can we use to justify your answer.
      -which groups block make the longest chain (touching)
      -which groups blocks can cover the most surface of a 81/2 by 11 paper?
      -Which group can stack their’s higher

    I didn’t quite know were we are going with properties. Until considering what makes a rectangle?

    What makes a triangle? I am going to keep thinking. I can’t wait to see how my class can come up with ways to brag what attributes their collection has. (maybe I will not have a mixed collection for grade 5)