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  • Jon

    August 25, 2020 at 9:06 am

    @terri-bello Thanks for the suggestion. However, when I look at that lesson the links are showing for me. Have another look?

    We’re glad the course has helped you grow a ton, but it’s also a course that’s like a gateway. It opens your eyes on what you could do and how you could change approaches to lesson design.

    It sounds like it did just that. It helped you identify where you need to focus your growth next.

    To get better at anticipating student solutions I found that I needed to explore myself different ways to represent and model mathematics. As a traditional HS teacher I knew just the one way. It wasn’t until I learned about how to use a number line, or algebra tiles, or ratio tables for example that I could start to see the connections in models so that I could help my students. I also found it super important to know where students were coming from and know where they are going. Knowing the landscape as Cathy Fosnot calls it is super important in deciding on where a student is on their learning trajectory. If we know where they are on that trajectory then we’re better equipped to point them in the right direction.

    Having said all of that I also know it will take practice in the classroom and it takes a brave teacher, like yourself, to dedicate time to that practice.

    Your possible next steps:

    Since you’re an academy member you could take our course on Fundamentals of Math to see the “where are your students coming from part” .

    Lesson 5.2 and Lesson 5.3 of the course you just finished tackle strategies to determine the landscape. You could also listen to episode 24 with Cathy Fosnot:

    Remember too that we’re here to support you on your journey. Feel free to keep this discussion going. Posting support topics in the Water Cooler area will also gain the attention of members here in the community who will reach out to help as well.

    Let’s keep growing.