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  • Nicole Jackson

    August 23, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    Estimate to Add Multi-Digit Numbers

    234 + 127

    Unconscious, Incompetence: “I think I am supposed to add these numbers.”

    Conscious, Incompetence: “I know this has something to do with rounding, but I can’t remember the rules I learned last year.”

    Consciously, Competent: “My answer will be incorrect if it is the exact sum of the numbers shown. In order to find the answer, I will round the given addends to numbers that are much easier to add. Then I will find the sum.”

    Unconsciously, Competent: “Estimate means to round. I will round both numbers and find the sum.”

    Consciously Masterful: “Because I am being asked to ‘Estimate to find the sum,’ I know I have options. I can either estimate using rounding or use compatible numbers. There is more than one correct answer to this problem.”