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  • Jenna

    August 20, 2020 at 3:39 am

    My biggest takeaway from this is how doable it is! For me, there have been sooooo many light bulb moments but, in particular, I came here for the application of the skills I teach and PBL. I’ve always said; “aw yeah I always do that” but, I wasn’t actually applying it fully or equipping the kids to do so either. I now know how much credit I should give the kids for actually working things out and how much they actually enjoy a bit more time to solve problems rather than me just telling them the answer because I hated watching them struggle (productively!)

    The notice and wonder has now become a ritual and the kids even practise it themselves mimicking me using it when they have free time at the end of the week with pictures or sums they’ve written (lol).

    Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the course and it’s been a stress free, practical piece of PD that has soooo many takeaways and resources. I hope that, with all I’ve learned, I have began to create collaborative, lifelong learners 🙂

    Thank you Kyle and Jon!