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  • Marc Rumball

    August 18, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    I’m really glad I decided to take your course, you have provided many pathways towards excellence in teaching, math and even other areas of the curriculum. I think the curiosity path is the most revelatory for me and I can see how key it is to developing more dynamic problem solving and enriched interaction amongst students and teachers. I really like how curiosity path opens up space for natural human interrogation of an experience or observation. I really like the structure of the lessons and how you create a real purpose for estimation in student problem solving. I’ve struggled to make estimation a valid tool for students over the years.

    Linking the path with the hero’s struggle adds a real depth and further refines your approach as an attempt to allow for more fundamental human intellectual and emotional needs in our classrooms, a noble achievement! I’m also grateful for your enthusiastic and candid testimony about pedagogical problems and solutions for developing better math teaching and more dynamic opportunities for kids we teach. There is a lot to return to in the course, but I feel like I have a clear direction and the tools to get better. Thanks Jon and Kyle! I hope I can live up to the promise your approach holds.