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  • Barb Fleming

    August 11, 2020 at 11:44 am

    It’s hard to know where to start since the workshop has been so jam-packed! I will work to implement the Curiosity Path by transforming problems from textbooks and other resources to get that buy in from students right from the get go. I can also see this working well across a variety of subject areas with the Notice and Wonder and withholding information feature to spark that curiosity! Within the structure of my week, I want to include check-ins or Mastery days so students can continue to work on areas they have not yet consolidated and so I can give them as many opportunities as possible to allow that to happen. These check-ins will also allow me as the teacher to assess my students and really know them well to help with my planning to push everyone forward. Within my planning, I am going to see which spiralling path will work best for me as a starting point, so we are constantly revisiting and building on skills and concepts to ensure the learning sticks (my biggest hope so that students don’t say say they have never seen concepts before!).

    Thanks Jon and Kyle for providing this amazing resource, along with the podcasts, the Academy, your websites!!! After coming off a teacher funded leave year, this workshop is what has inspired and excited me to return to the classroom in the fall, despite the craziness of the Covid challenges.