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  • Sarah Merrylees

    August 8, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    Specific goals for 2020-2021 academic year

    Wow. What a rollercoaster it has been. I have been teaching my students in Nanjing, China remotely and then virtually for the past 7 months from Australia and it is all about to start again next week. Thankfully we may be able to head back by October to be in the classroom again. Isn’t it meant to be the students who are not at school rather than the teacher?

    Anyway, goals…

    Just finished AJ Juliani’s amazing online master course this week which was AMAZING in its depth and helpfulness. Hoping to utilise the big takeaways of UDL with help from Caitlin Tucker’s great input. Next step is to finish reading Launch then Empower by John Spencer and AJ. Going to really focus on helping my students ask deeper questions as well as continuing to focus on building their sense of curiosity over compliance. Have created a set of “Discussion Game” cards to get us started. We already use images from the websites “101 questions”, ‘Would you rather” and “Which one doesn’t belong” as warm-ups but I think getting the students to give each other meaningful feedback on the depth of each others questions could be a good next step. We are starting the year off with not an algorithm in sight. Reading Launch also gave me an idea to modify one of my early projects exploring ancient number systems to add more choice to the students’ lines of inquiry. If they don’t like the questions I have asked them to research and share, I will give them the MYP criteria they have to hit and let them design their own lines of inquiry to get there.

    Next goal is to catch up on my make maths moments matter podcasts. I have been disciplined this holiday and listened to them while walking everyday but I have still have about twenty left in my downloads.

    I also bought a subscription to Braining camp so am going to really try to incorporate more visuals and physical manipulative this year.

    That should keep me going for next week 🙂