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  • Gregory Napoleon

    July 29, 2020 at 11:44 am

    Topic: Multiplying double digit numbers (This is what students in the past did)

    Stage 1: Students used repeated addition to get the correct answer. This led to mixing up numbers and losing track of where they added.

    Stage 2: Students attempted different strategies and could set it up, but not be able to solve the problem correctly.

    Stage 3: Students are able to chose a strategy that works for them and solve it correctly. (I find most students are at this stage. I want to find ways to continue to push them to Stage 4)

    Stage 4: Students are able to answer the problem in their head. The only problem I have had with this one is that the student was able to get the right answer, however when I would ask them how they did it, they could not explain it. Is this a problem????