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  • Jason Garner

    July 24, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    The concept of spiralling is important. I know from my 12 years of teaching 4th/5th grades that many students do not retain concepts and skills from earlier in the year or previous years. However, if your district does not have a math program that has spiralling built in, do you have suggestions for resources that can help? Otherwise, creating content that spirals tends to become more and more time consuming. Additionally, we have to be aware of what kind of spiralling we are doing. I don’t think mindless drill and kill formats are not valuable. I’m excited to find out more about spiralling in the next lesson and within the academy. I think that one of the ideas that will help me moving forward is just being mindful of going back to standards and concepts at times. Maybe incorporating previously learned concepts into warm ups. With a blended learning format that we are tentatively going to pursue in the fall, I could also try to weave in some spiralling when students are in the remote setting.