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  • Heidi Warrington

    July 22, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    I appreciated revisiting modifying text book problems after taking the full Making Math Moments Workshop. What stood out to me was how easily we can modify problems by withholding information and that it doesn’t take technology to do it. I appreciate all the videos and visuals that you have created but it’s a little intimidating to think about changing how I teach and creating materials like that myself or alternatively, always having to search for materials. The idea that we could just use the board or powerpoint to do the visual patterns problem with the squares is reassuring and it is easy to see why kids would be so much more engaged with this than the original problem. Another big takeaway was discussing what the pattern looks like before creating a table or talking just numerically about the problem. I definitely have the tendency to rush to algorithms and seeing the power in slowing down is helpful.