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  • Kimberlee Margosian Ruelas

    July 21, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    I am so stoked to put this into action but I have to admit, its daunting. I’m anxious about it because I know I will flop. Probably the first few times. But I am still excited to try and learn. But now I am disappointed because my school will be distance learning (which I am actually thankful for) and now I will need to make this work from home. I have seen the information you have put out regarding this, I am just worried about its effectiveness and getting my teaching partner on board. This method of teaching is completely different from what we do and I know that trying something new during this time will be a stretch.

    I think the part that I am caught up on is sparking curiosity. How do I REALLY get students to engage in noticing and wondering asynchronously? I have ideas but I also see ALLLLLLL the pitfalls. This is not a culture we have at school already so how do I make it the culture when I don’t have this time with them?