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  • nikkiteeple

    July 21, 2020 at 11:35 am

    Nikki Teeple

    Hi everyone! I’m the K-6 math lead for a K-12 classical charter school in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Our school is starting its 7th year and my children have been attending since the beginning. I jumped on board 4 years ago as a kindergarten teacher. However, 30 years ago I was a physics teacher, then a middle school math teacher, then I worked for a luxury hotel planning events and handling sales for 11 years. Once I had children I started working at their preschool and LOVED learning about the early childhood brain and its development. A wild crazy path that has brought lots of enlightenment.

    Last year was the first time our school had this math role and I actually did more leadership type work but was able to play a bit in the classroom and getting a good idea of what our teachers are up to.

    I’m excited to get back in school but I guess I’ll have to settle on remote for now. Our school focuses on the socratic method and dialogue is so hard online. Excited to learn more every day.