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  • marianne aamodt

    July 20, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    Milk costs $4.50 for 4 L. What is the unit price?

    COST | Litres

    $4.50 X 1/4 | 4 X 1/4


    $1.13 | 1

    Ratio as a quotient:

    $4.50 divided by 4 L of milk

    Ratio as a rate:

    Milk is $1.13 per litre of milk

    I have to get used to thinking of multiplying by a fraction instead of dividing. I’m curious as to why this is easier for kids. Don’t they still have to think about division to “do the math”?

    I am interested in moving farther and seeing how to do this algebraically. I’ve always found the input/output “machines” (table of values) that are found in MMS texts starting about gr. 4 (?) to be very confusing – not only for kids! I wonder: how does this turn into graphing linear relations? Looking forward to finding out!

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